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I neglected to mention I cant do no permanent mods to the stove it self. I have added 2 stainless 3/8 fuel lines they run from the intake to the inside edge of the outlet fitting. It did raise stack temps about 150f to about 550 before it reaches the horizontal section that has been increased from 12" to 32. I have a blower running up 4 inch pipe across the horizontal section and thru a piece of dryer duct on top. I also added a 3" computer fan blowing around the inner housing .025 amp but seams to push the heat more into the room. When I get back to work and am not in such a pinch money wise plan on making a over size heat exchanger with a car catalyst mounted under it. Also a wedge shape deflector to set on the top to push head out more using the natural convection, but keep the ideas coming!
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