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Forget Breitbart and Daily Mail, how about Forbes?

I am at work, where, arguably, I am supposed to be working, and I am trying to get back to that. I tried to look up something that was work-related and found myself reading a Fox article. I generally avoid Fox just because many people refuse to discuss anything related to it and many times I have said "I read a New York Times article about..."

"You need to stop watching Fox News!"

What part of "New York Times" did they not understand?

I clicked on a few other articles. The system blocked one, but I found the same story from another news source.

Why did the system block Fox and not The Washington Times?

I remember a story where someone criticized a fact checker, although I am not sure it was Snopes, of "disproving" a claim through highly suspicious reasoning. I am not sure how to track down that article, but I found one on Forbes seeming to validate the Daily Mail post that Redneck shared:

I generally avoid Daily Mail, but if Forbes backs up this one particular story, then I will make an exception for this particular story. Huffington Post says that Wikipedia says that Daily Mail is not reliable.

I avoid Huffington Post, too, as well as Breitbart.

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