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Originally Posted by Jdesign View Post
I didnt get a chance to check the codes yesterday. The car is kind of boxed in at the moment.

I am 100% sure the fan is running and pumping out air. I have both the trunk open and the IPU cover off.

Sadly I did check the voltage again this morning after the car sat since yesterday around noon (approx 20 hours) with no charge or discharge activity and the voltage dropped to from the 169 it was at to 163.
Okay, there's the problem. With the IPU cover off, you have disabled all battery cooling. Your voltage drop was due to the battery getting extremely hot.

The battery cooling system works as follows:

Battery fan blows air into trunk.
This creates low pressure in the IPU bay.
Air is drawn in from the upper deck, down through the battery, through the IPU bay and then out the fan into the trunk.

You have subjected your battery to extreme temperatures. Couple that with extended over-charging, and you have likely induced a large amount of voltage depression into the pack - what you tried to get rid of with your discharge. Hopefully, you haven't done permanent damage.

BEFORE DRIVING THE CAR, I recommend you:

1) discharge pack to 96V
2) install IPU cover
3) charge the shorter of 32 hours OR peak voltage held for 8 hours. Attempt to verify that air is being drawn in through the vents in the upper deck (you should be able to feel/hear it)
4) remove IPU cover
5) repeat 1-3
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