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My friends that live up-river won't believe anything until they hear it from Rachel Maddow. And they claim Fox News isn't legacy media, even though it is beamed into everyone's livingroom.

Snopes and Breitbart? They represent one data point each. I put my trust in Slashdot (and Ars Technica):

slashdot:NYC Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Change

Best comment IMHO:
Correct response from oil company should be... (Score:3, Funny)
by SuperKendall ( 25149 ) on Wednesday January 10, 2018 @06:40PM (#55904717)

Wait, you guys did WHAT with that oil we sold you? Do you know how hard that crap is to get out of the ground and make nice and smooth?
Slashdot is moderated. Every comment is rated; you can read them all or only the highly-rated ones. I read at 2 and above.
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