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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Is transportation fuel demand in the US really rising? I'm sure I've seen gov stats that show fuel use has plateaued while miles travel has increased in the last couple of years, revealing the effects of a more efficient vehicle fleet. (Oh and of course all the ecomodders and ecodrivers!)


Honda, in a way, is doing the smart (conservative) thing with this car: Instead of a bespoke single-model platform developed from scratch like the 1st & 2nd gen Insights, they're putting Insight lipstick on a Civic pig. Just hammer out some new body panels and raid their existing parts bin (Clarity/Accord hybrids) for the oily and zappy bits!

If & when it fails to catch on in a meaninful way (the gas price gamble), a lot less has been risked than the first two go arounds.
I am surprised Chevy didn't do this with he volt also, maybe they are with the gen2, haven't looked.

I have seen the EIA stats but the math doesn't add up. New vehicle sales epa ratings are flat, gas consumption is flat, but miles traveled has increased? So... what kind of magic cars are they selling now'a days? Maybe there's some lag in the numbers.

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