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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The man made global warming institution is pretty much like "we proved our point by falsifying a ton of data, it's settled science and not open for debate, now pay up".
Then it totally escapes them as to why the vast majority of people have a problem with this.
I'll play devil's advocate here, as I do with everything. It's possible to have an agenda that is motivated by funding, to falsify data, to intentionally be deceitful, and yet still be generally correct in the warning, despite being incorrect in the details.

You correctly point out the biggest problem with the AGW religion; that it seeks to impose their values on unwilling people. As with all religions, the right to practice it ends at the point that it becomes a crusade.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You [NeilBlanchard] have staked out a lonely position, apparently. I'm sympathetic to your lack of support. My own position is that there is a non-zero chance we're all wrong about everything. To me, the reasonable position is to ruggedize infrastructure to survive extremes in any direction. On any axis. At any time. Mil spec stuff. Secret Space Program stuff.
I wouldn't say Neil's position is lonely, and I'm quite surprised to have found climate skeptics on this forum that share similar views as mine. I can sympathize with his position because it's frustrating when you believe there is sufficient evidence that all reasonable people should agree with your position, and yet they don't. I don't doubt that most people who are AGW alarmists are motivated by the good intention to steer humanity away from catastrophe. It's human nature to seek a worthy cause and to form tribes of like-minded people.

It's not useful to point out a problem and offer no solution though. Simply reducing carbon output merely slows the rate at which warming occurs. The benefits of slowing warming have to be weighed with the cost to implement the measures. It's quite possible that effort to reduce human suffering is better spent in fighting direct ways people are harmed (reducing war, starvation, disease, violence, exploitation).
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