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Originally Posted by gearheadeh View Post
Unlike the Festiva there is not enough room to swap anything realistic in.. it is a 3 cylinder after all.
Apart from the Mitsubishi Mirage's 3-cyl and Ford's 1.0L Ecoboost, isn't there any other 3-cyl available there, right? And it may take some time for them to become easily available in the junkyards. But anyway, a motorcycle engine swap could eventually be a last-case possibility.

I even have parts to make a 1 liter version not seen in North America. That one might be tuned for low fuel consumption.
Sometimes a smaller displacement engine may not be so optimized for fuel savings. Since both versions share the same bore, but the 1.2L has a longer stroke, it may fare better when it comes to low-end torque, allowing you to either keep it at higher gears with less RPM or eventually swap taller tires in case the original 13-inch ones become harder to find.
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