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Originally Posted by redpoint5
In my view, Epstein's most profound comment is the insane view some hold that the less human ingenuity in a product, the better it is for humanity.
is or negates?

A view counter to what R. B. Fuller said about 'metaphysically engendered materials' (DuckDuckGo can't find the quote). He was all about comprehending and apprehending the natural principles that are masked by the Cartesian coordinate system, to make Humankind a success in Universe.

It's quite possible that effort to reduce human suffering is better spent in fighting direct ways people are harmed (reducing war, starvation, disease, violence, exploitation).
"To fight it is to feed it" — the 1960s
"I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I've invented." — R. Buckminster Fuller
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