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I looked a Clarity over at the Indianapolis Auto Show a few weeks ago. It's the only production car (that I know of) to use air curtains over the rear wheels in addition to the front. The air curtain outlets are much shorter and wider than what BMW uses:

(sorry, I don't know if I can rotate pictures in an Ecomodder album)

The inlets for the front air curtains are at the outside edge of the fascia, just below a radiator inlet on the driver/blocked duct on the passenger side:

Lower grill opening:

The airdam setup was interesting, and unlike any other cars at the show. In front, there's a small airdam about a foot in front of the lowered fairing under the engine, then it's flat back to the rear suspension:

The airdams for the rear wheels are smaller than any others I saw, and placed much further forward:

In photographs of the Clarity, I had thought that the trunk looked like it has a window in it, which I found confusing. Turns out, inside there is a window below the package shelf:

Why didn't they just make it a hatchback?

In other confusing design choices, Honda has decided, since the introduction of the 2016 Civic, to make its folding rear seats electric-only in sedans and coupes (the Civic hatch still has manual-folding seats). So now, if your battery dies you can't fold the seats, and on display cars at an auto show, interested parties can't fold the seats to see how much room there is. That seems like an answer to a question nobody asked.
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