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Originally Posted by Fingie View Post
all three-wheelers can have a wheel and still be licensed as a bike.
Even though a car-like cockpit would seem initially easier for someone unexperienced with motorcycles to get familiarized with, I still believe a middle-mounted cockpit with a handlebar is likely to become more stable due to the weight bias with the driver aboard.

No top limits for engine size/etc
That sounds like a good excuse to eventually get a trike and make it an all-around runabout

Reliants are expensive to get here.
Reliants might be cheap only in the UK, and maybe they'll start to become more pricey even there quite soon. Well, at least you could legally register one back there regardless of its manufacturing year (unlike my POS of a country where registrations for RHD vehicles are only been issued for those 30-year or older).
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