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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh a link! perfect for me to do some nomadding!

i'm with the understanding that a motor alone can cost an easy $2k ( USD ) so if i have
to replace it every 2 or 4 years (obviously i'm not much of a motor head, more of a
comp. chip head ) then my wife wouldn't see the lack of paying gas. she'd just see the
cost of the motor. ( she falls victim to the frog in the pot of water analogy. )

You are implying that if i went with a brush motor than perhaps more options would be open. Educate me. i love to learn.

I'd like to stay away from the more expensive batteries. Although they would last longer and hold more juice, eventually all batteries must be replaced and it'd hurt less with the standard automotive lead batteries.

I suppose i could sacrifice the trunk and carry groceries and computer junk in the back seat...

My greatest concern is that it can get me to and from work with only 8hour recharge time (crazy work schedule- that's why the freeway option must stay open) and still have room in the back seat for family outings. (i'd convert my wife's lighter Corsica but she'd kill me if she saw it in pieces.)

hum... i wonder if someone would trade me a 4door EV for these two cars....
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