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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Tesla's animated marketing joins the average person's lack of time to fully understand what its limits are. But I'd say it's easier to modify Tesla's marketing than to enhance the critical thinking of John or Jane Q. Public, who is likely already grabbing onto this tech as a way to more efficiently use the time they don't have to better understand Tesla autopilot limits.
I highly doubt the driver was unaware of Tesla's stance on the technology, or who is legally responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle.

If the automated functions were active, which we only have the driver's word so far, I'm certain the driver didn't immediately start out heavily relying on the technology to drive for them. They gradually got comfortable with the reliability and felt comfortable with their level of inattention. The marketing didn't develop this level of trust; it was through personal interaction with the system that confidence was developed.

What part of Tesla's marketing suggests you can take a nap, or pay no attention to the road? I haven't seen this video yet.

I've got no vested interest in Tesla, but the excuses I hear for bad behavior and personal responsibility is alarming. If we start buying into the idea that everyone but the individual is responsible for their actions, society doesn't stand a chance. Risk is always part of progress. Like it or not, we're all part of the human experiment.
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