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Originally Posted by helpgeek View Post

I am looking at building one of these for myself and have a couple of questions.

Firstly, Is tere a a circuit diagram that includes the fix for the wake on engine start issue? Is the fix imoplemented in the code available on the front page of this thread (from what I can see I think it is but wat to make sure)? Is it also possible to have it with the 2 pin Adafruit LCD module?

Secondly, can the signal from one of the fuel injector lines on my car's control unit be used for the injector pulse detection?

Edit: added question about Adafruit LCD module.
The information you need is in the MPGuino program header.
Relatively or wake up is not necessary any change in the diagram, the only problem that existed was only with the arduino mega, but the solution is simple, just use the pins 18 and 19 (INT3/INT2)

Josť Rodrigues

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