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Originally Posted by samwichse View Post

It doesn't have to be this way. Compare those two side by side and it just gets worse for the Honda. They have almost the same basic shape. But all the weird creases, seams, color changes, and WTF moments (like the roof of the Clarity! They couldn't even leave the roof uncreased! WTF?) in the Honda just jump right out at you.
Creases are a cost-cutting measure.

Granted, pressing creases costs money in terms of dies and high pressure stamping machines, but putting extra creases in a panel means you can use lighter, cheaper and softer metal than otherwise.

For an uncreased panel to have the same strength, you'd need it to be thicker or made with higher-strength steel.

Then there are the cars that are so cheap they forego the high-pressure stamping and simply use thicker panels of softer, cheaper steel.
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