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LED not that efficient.

After reading around on the Internet I was finding that LEDs are supposedly good gor around 100 lumend per watt. I thought that's pretty good. So I went around checked one of each kind of LED I have, most of which were bought last year. They are only doing 65 to 80 lumen per watt, or 60 to 76 per volt-amp.
Volt-amp is a better measure of somethings power supply inefficiency, plus I have found the power company charges for watts but penalizes for low power factor when your volt amps are higher than watts.
For example CFL with their tiny cheap ballast will use 23 watts and 40 volt-amps on a 100w replacement, so they are really only about double the efficiency of a regular 100w light bulb which also uses 100va.
A 100w replacement LED will use less than 20va so it's a little more than 5x efficient than an incandescent, and at least double the efficiency of a CFL. Which is pretty good.

But I don't know where any of these unicorn 100 lumen per watt LEDs can be purchased.
I got looking into this because I was told that my T5 lights were inefficient, outdated florescents and that I should replace them with LED. Well it turns out that my T5 lights are doing 90 to 105 lumen per volt amp depending on if it's a high output or standard.
Way more efficient than any LED I can currently buy.
All the ones that I can find do well under 100 lumen per watt, then I see some cheap Chinese crap claiming to do something like 160 lumen per watt I'm suspicious that they just wrote numbers on the box to move product.
I have found lots of complaints about no name Chinese LEDs being comically over rated.
So for now I'm going to keep using my T5 fixtures.
I'm glad I didn't just assume LED were more efficient and go waste money replacing my T5 lights with them.

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