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Yes, but a factor you're missing in your T5 fixture calculations is that florescents radiate light omnidirectionally. This means a shocking amount of their light just bounces around the fixture and never leaves it. To the tune of 30-40%.

Likewise, the rated lumens on a fluorescent tube are for its initial light output (light output after 100 hours of "seasoning"). The actual mean light output will be approximately 10% lower.

Finally, and this is a biggie, buy dimmable LED tubes. You'll be surprised just how little time you need the full blast output... most of mine have the dinner set to around 50% and that'll go to 80-100% maybe once a week.

EDIT: LEDs also don't leak nearly as much UV as fluorescents. My work still uses T8 tubes, and anything you print in ink will be faded garbage after only a year or two :-/

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