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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Ever rebuild an aircooled VW bug motor? Or how about dealing with a Volt pack? Everything is quick disconnect and easy just using a floor jack. Not something a rocket surgeon needs to do, but average Joe can.
I've done all sorts of engine rebuilds, mechanical swaps. I've never had to deal with battery packs as my Prii have been too reliable.

The average joe never pulls an engine for any reason. The average joe doesn't even change their own oil. For module battery packs to be commercially viable they need to be truly plug and play and go in and out without needing any tools. 50 lbs each would be about the max weight.

Redpoint5's idea for module in the trunk could work but I just don't see OEMs doing it. I also don't see most people wanting to store extra battery modules for the rare cases they need extra range. Technically possible and commercially viable are two very different things.
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