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For the past four years I've ridden 125's exclusively, mostly repowered Honda step-throughs with Lifan semi-automatic engines. I travel on two-lanes and back roads so there's absolutely no liability in riding one. Geared with a 17/36 combo my bikes will cruise all day long at 50-53 MPH and top out in the low 60's. My biggest trip was a multi-day adventure from Indy to the Smokies and back with a childhood friend who rode a Harley Tri-Glide and another on an Ultra Classic. Talk about being the odd man out!!

That was in 2016 and upon returning I bought a KYMCO K-Pipe. It's a really nice bike but were recalled because they came into the U. S. with an "international" shift pattern. This required a linkage setup to reverse the shift pattern and didn't shift very well with it. I changed it over to a heel-toe shifter and tried to remember that it shifted backwards from my other bikes, often unsuccessfully.

Unfortunately there are no tires available for this bike* other than the OEM's from KYMCO at $92 and $137 each. Because I refuse to pay this much for Cheng Shin tires I'm going to put it up for sale.

I'd like to have a 125cc street or dual purpose bike with a liquid cooled engine and a six speed gearbox. The problem is weight. Bikes sold in other markets like this weigh 275 lbs. or more, not much less than a bike twice it's displacement. Unless there's a reason to buy one (tiered licensing?) there's not much reason to buy one of these modern 125's. They're expensive, too.

By contrast my wired-together step throughs weigh in at around 175 lbs. (no battery, AC lighting) and are a total hoot to ride. I run Michelin City Pros or Gazelles in a 2.50" width and they generally cost me under $35 each. Using a 22mm Mikuni carb I generally get around 70 MPG. Insurance is giveaway cheap, too. With careful shopping you can find old step throughs for pocket change and can build a nice one for under a thousand bucks.

So yeah, I'd like to be able to buy a new and modern 125 but I'm afraid the weight and price would be prohibitive.

I did try a Honda Grom. It ran perfectly with it's fuel injection but was no faster than my old step throughs. The 12" wheels and Indy's bombed-out streets just didn't mesh so it went off to Arizona for an inseam-challenged lady to ride. Perhaps that motor in a chassis with 17" wire wheels might work.

*Update--I found a tubeless tire for the rear!! Kenda offers a K764 at a reasonable $62 delivered from an eBay vendor. Looks like the critter will stay in my fleet after all!!!

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