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125 Eliminators weigh in at around 320 lbs. and supposedly have 12 horsepower. I could probably get it down to under three hundred pounds by stripping off some of the stuff that doesn't make it go forward without making it ugly. Taken to an extreme (plastic dirt bike tank, cut away the subframe to "bobberize" it, etc.) might get it down to 275 or so, maybe less. Beyond that I'd have to figure out how to add a kickstarter, eliminate the big battery and electric starter, etc. but even then 250 is probably a long shot.

They were really popular as trainer bikes for awhile and probably aren't a bad bike. Like Daschicken says it has to have something to draw you to it and there's not much for me to like about it, either. Even if it had F. I. it's still way, way overweight and lacks the excitement factor needed to justify the pork.
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