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I was bicycling around today and thinking about Astro's comment.

A trailer that could use any prime mover, and have a passive kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). Essentially a through-the-road hybrid, it would need sensors for the wheel speeds and the hitch angle. Sucking energy on deceleration and then dispensing it as needed to correct any drift angle.

In fact, you could have a powered suspension and accelerometers and turn the whole payload into a carver in corners and for crosswinds.


One change was the removal of the Cummins engines and their replacement with gas turbine engines of higher power and lower weight. Whereas the LCC-1 had a single 600-hp engine, the Overland Train had four 1,170-hp Solar 10MC engines, one in the "control car" and three others spread through the train. New power trailers could be added at any point along the train. To further reduce weight, most of the vehicle was built from welded aluminum.

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