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template/photo aligment

Originally Posted by Angel And The Wolf View Post
Are you saying that I should pull the template rearward to the point that the highest point on the template is at the spoiler tip?

I don't see that bias. I can't see the grill openings, not the license plate. There may be some perspective creeping due to closeness of the camera. I guess I could take a telephoto picture of my Prius to minimize that.
The template is always positioned from the point of maximum roof height.From other images of the Prius,it seems to be okay,falling at around 23-degrees,the most aggressive angle allowable.
Really accurate photos are shot with a telephoto lens from at least 200-meters away from the vehicle and produce an image close to what you'd see with a technical image (blueprint).I think your photo was shot much closer to the car,was elevated,and was towards the front of the car,rather than from its geometric center.This will throw things off when attempting to use the template tool.
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