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Originally Posted by gil View Post
the lack of a fuel gauge ( low fuel lights don't count)
It also bothers me a lot.

the carburetor
I used to be more favorable to carburettors. Actually still like them because it's easier to perform some emergency makeshift fix, but I recognise an EFI may be better for basically any other aspect.

shifting gears
I'm more concerned about the clutch than the gear-shifting itself. I got quite surprised when I found out about some American companies that make clutch automation kits for nearly every motorcycle.

Riding a "real" motorcycle is like driving a race car for the daily commute.
The way some folks ride them, I won't even argue with you on that matter. Well, most of the people who get them for commutting back here do so in order to save not just on fuel but also the time they don't waste stuck in traffic congestions...

Over the years I have realized that every rider has his own idea of what an ideal motorcycle is.
I'm not even sure about what would be an "ideal" motorcycle for me, but I like the Yamaha Ténéré 250 that is available here in Brazil. I just hope Yamaha fits them with ABS instead of phasing it out in the next year...

Or they haven't really given scooters a chance, maybe not manly enough.
I've already considered getting either a scooter or a regional derivative of the Honda Cub, but since they're more optimized for urban commutting it wouldn't be so suitable for me (considering that I would use a motorcycle mostly for medium to long distance trips, plus there is a lot of pot-holes in our streets and it would be quite costly to replace tyres and rims after falling on them).
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