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Originally Posted by woodsrat View Post
A friend lives in Mexico and rants about the XR-150L. Not a 125 but he said it's a great bike especially for the price.
That model had been available in Brazil too, badged as NXR 150 Bros (until it got replaced by the current Bros 160), and now is only available for export. IIRC in South Africa it's still fitted with the old pushrod 125cc engine. BTW the engine fitted to the 150 is the same as the one fitted to the CRF 150 F currently exported to the U.S.

I'm more taken with the "Cargo" 125 and 150cc bikes. Truly utilitarian machines intended for hard duty.
Which are more reinforced than the regular 2-seater CG (nowadays available in Brazil in the versions Start, Fan and Titan), even though I have already seen some Cargos converted to 2-seater.

Bajaj and Italika both offer similar machines.
I don't have too much experience with Bajaj other than a free ride in a tuk-tuk.

Honda still offers the "Wave" step through, too.
The step-through currently available here in Brazil is the Biz, which now features EFI and, at least for the 125cc version, is flexfuel.

It's sad that the machines I'd buy are across the border and basically off-limits to me.
Considering that some folks have successfully turned dirt-bikes into street-legal ones there in the U.S. by fitting lights, an instrument cluster and mirrors, and that the XR 150 uses an engine that is already EPA-certified, are you sure it would be totally impossible to get one as a grey-import?
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