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They're fat-tired open-wheel cars. The high drag comes from the tacked on wings. The underbody does contribute downforce. It does it by expediting the airflow through a closed plenum with tunnels and induced vortexes. I don't think that adds drag, but I've been wrong before, once.

I talked above about a 'pontoons enclosing the wheels'. More specifically look at the spats on the Template as Xist showed at Permalink #16 (that you keep cutting off). And look at basjoos' Aerocivic:

It has double-walled side skirts flushed to the inner and outer walls of the tires, 'catamaran-style'. It has zero break-over angle but I think the skirts are conveyor belt material. Notice also the wedged out nose and high boat tail. They work together.

Here's my own theory on how to terminate a Template shape (this one is squircular):

It is an half-bellhorn diffuser that couples a flat bottom to the truncated tail.

..and should work as well at half the speed, but not at full speed.
It's all the same from approximately 25mph to approximately 250mph. More benefit going faster.
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