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Originally Posted by sser2 View Post
I am working on a project to eliminate belt-driven accessories in Geo Metro to further improve fuel efficiency. The car has a 60 A alternator. Alternator voltage output is 14 V. With all accessories on, electricity consumption may be as high as 40-50 A, or close to rated output. Electric power output could be 1.1 hp, and with 60% energy losses typical for a smaller alternator, power taken from engine for electricity generation is almost 3 hp.
You might be surprised how little draw the electrical load actually is, once the alternator has replaced the charge in the battery after a start. Do you really think it could be as much as 600W (12Vx50A)?

I am not disagreeing that you can get some fuel savings at night in a cold rainstorm, but then you have to plug in to recharge the battery, hopefully when you get to your destination.
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