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Originally Posted by instarx View Post
Don't forget taxes and insurance for a second car, which could be a significant yearly cost depending on the driver's location and driving record. That will add a little to the break-even time.
I would agree if the person did not own a car prior to this one, but if you owned a car, then got rid of it and got another car the change in the insurance and taxes would be very little. This is especially true going from Buicks to Metros. My ins. and taxes are lower on the Metro.

Originally Posted by instarx View Post
Gotta take a little exception to the "stupid rich guy with a Prius" comment. Not everyone has the ability to take a $200 car and turn it into a reliable daily driver.
This may be true, but I think most people do. It all depends on how simple the car you get is, and how much time you are willing to spend. The Metro is a very simple car. I am NOT a mechanic, and was able to do it. I think you should try it. It's easier than you might think...

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