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Originally Posted by UFO View Post
I disagree the problem is unsolvable. There is a direct correlation between money spent and candidates elected, and because of the Citizen's United decision now that money is coming from special interests that do not represent the electorate, and those interests are now being obscured. And now there is a correspondingly higher discrepancy between the public interest and legislation passed.
Out of millions of people, we pin the big decision between Clinton and Trump, as if those were the best options. We (citizens) deserve the outcome of whatever we allow.

There is absolutely no way to regulate campaign contributions. What if Dinesh had opened an account, listed his friend as a joint custodian, and simply told her "I'm putting $20k into this joint account". That breaks no laws, yet accomplishes exactly the same thing as using shills to transfer funds.

If we don't have the right to spend money as we see fit, we have no freedom at all.

I hate the absurdity of campaign contributions (and most all advertising) as much as anyone, but that is part of humanity; to be swayed by emotion and to surrender critical thought. As much as I hate it, I'm not willing to trade my freedom to ineffectively fight the problem.

Notice how issue after issue polls one way with the public, and laws are passed in direct opposition. Does anyone here want to cut funding for the ADA? Guess what just happened yesterday?
I'd like to cut funding for the ADA. I didn't even know it had funding and instead thought it was just a series of laws saying every hot tub and pool accessible to the public must have a lift (despite the thousands of other health issues not addressed that would make pools or hot tubs inaccessible).

Maybe the ADA can take up my cause and lower all basketball hoops 6" because I can't quite dunk due to physical limitations that disable me from dunking at 10 feet.

I realize there is a place for laws that accomodate people with various limitations, but they go too far. I say defund ADA, twice.
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