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Hello from a curious guy searching for information.

Hi there. How are you doing ?

I'm registring to this forum to learn more about new technologies, aerodynamics, ecologic approaches, electric vehicles .
English it's not my native language, but I will try my best.

I don't know from where to star...
If a good soul could help to guide me, I will be thankfull.
Well... I will start with some doubts I have about aerodynamics.

For example the drag coefficient. It give a value about the percentage of force that is necessary just to the vehicle push the air, based in the frontal area. Right ?
But since it's a coefficient based on frontal area, it do not tell us direct how many newtons of fore the air is pulling the car. Correcy?

So the drag coefficient, unless I'm wrong (I need to be humble) of a vehicle, it's not perfect to judge if a car it's effective in economy, since vehicles can transport the same number of people (let's take 2 persons for two different vehicles) but one can have a small frontal area, like a encapsulated motorbike (Ecotracer/Monotracer), and other can have a larger frontal area, like Aptera car.

So let's just supose Aptera and Ecotracer had same Drag coefficient. This would not be enough to say both vehicles are under the same force of air pulling them back, since Aptera have a larger front area than Ecotracerk. Am I right ?

So how to better judge things in these terms to find out how many newtons, find & measure the force that makes the motor works more just to fight the air resistance ?
Is not it only a matter of use Fd (drag force), is it ? This force it's not the final resultant force in the vehicle's shape pushin back, but just the force of the wind flow.... ...At Least I presume so...

Sorry if my text somehows can sound arrogant (a bit contestant), but I'm just trying to better understand the details about aerodynamics.

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