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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
If I could get a super cheap 125cc that I could squeeze 100 MPG out of, heck yea. Would drive it all the time except for bad weather and longer trips. Big $$ savings.
The Yamaha YZF-R125, a highly styled sport bike sold in the U. K. that looks much larger supposedly delivers 110 MPG. The problem? This high-tech fuel injected bike sells for $6500 U. S. Not many people in the U. S. are willing to drop that kind of money for a 125.

A more conventional bike with a carburetor that runs well enough to be fun won't deliver this kind of mileage. My KYMCO K-Pipe, in stock form on a good day would deliver 80 MPG. My buddy's WR-250R will easily deliver this. It lists for around $7200 whereas the K-Pipe sells for two grand.

I guess it all depends on what people are willing to pay to achieve this kind of performance. Even if Yamaha offered it in the U. S. they'd find few takers.
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