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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
I would buy a 125 cc EFI Honda Super Cub in a heartbeat if I could. The sell for the equivalent of $2000 USD in Mexico but there is no way to legally import them. The people that bring them into the States keep them titled and registered in Mexico.
IIRC they only have the 110cc version in Mexico, but in Brazil the 125cc is even capable to run on ethanol

workaround ideas to discuss among friends: Honda Biz 125 Flex, among the cleanest-running vehicles in the world

If I ever did a big motorcycle trip through the Americas it would be on a Honda CB150 Cargo. That bike will run forever and parts are readily available.
I guess you mean the CG, not CB.

Older versions with the gear-driven OHV 125cc have an even better reputation when it comes to reliability and still have plenty of aftermarket support, but these newer OHC ones (125 now available only with kick-start even though it's also fitted with EFI, 150 nowadays only for export but with either carburettor or EFI depending on the market, and there is also the newer 160 currently available in Brazil with EFI and electric start only) are still very sought after. Odd enough, Honda still sells in Mexico the CGL 125 which still relies on the OHV engine...
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