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The Ecorrunner V and VI remambers a lot a torppedo, but the shape have some interesting variances from top to botton, probably to create a bettert aerodynamic than a simple torpedo shape.

This is probably the reason it have (already with wheel) much better drag (0,048 for version VI) than other torpedo like vehicles (with around 0,08) or their own quite earlier version.

Old version from years ago :

If their aerodynamic engeneer could try "his best shot" on Morelli concept, to try to add wheels and keep drag low...

Have Morelli ever said his model was the best possible, or said just it was the best for a reasonable space in the front area ?
After all, a flat plate in horizontal, following the wind orientation, have even lower drag, and some solar cars try to be a flat plate with a pilot and wheels, but just got around 0.078 or so.

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I understand the torpedo shape to have equal air resistance all around, but does not the ground affect the air pressure of the air deflected by the bottom line of the body? Should not there be a longitudinal crease in the bottom line of the torpedo to relieve some of that higher pressure felt on the bottom?
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And when you put wheels and full length skirts on, and lower the torpdos to where the tops are the same highth, it gets worse for the un-creased torpedo:

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