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Yeah, Imagine that. But you can't kill the driver.

Take Stella solar car (3 different models but similar in performance) :

One paragraphy sounded like crazy absurd or a error, perhaps the editor just forgot to say that the recharging by few minutes a day and low speed drive on sun would take a month to fully charge the battery, since it's a 15KWH battery and a 1,5KW solar cells array :

"According to the developers, "in real-world conditions, the Stella's large solar array would be able to charge the car's 15 kWh battery pack in 30 to 45 minutes of being parked, sitting in traffic, or tooling around town at low speed" "

Of course, once the battery is charged, maybe by 8 hours on sun in 2 or 3 days, if the car is not used for many hours, the car can really produce more energy in one day than what it would consume in a day.

But for drive on city, and reduced battery need, it's really a good idea. If we left the solar array in home we would need larger and much expansive batteries.

I saw threads in this forum from 3 years ago, about buy solar cells, and I saw people getting cells from ALiexpress. But ALibaba have better offer. I was surprised with Sunpower flexible solar cells that could be as little as 1,0 or1,5 dollars per cell, in a 150 cell pack.

Solar power is comming to stay.

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The higher number comes not from the flat plate, but from the wheel pods and cabin shape. Look at them alone, and you will not see a good aerodynamic

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