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You are right. I must said drag coefficient instead of say just drag, when refering about Morelli 0,05 otherwise I would be reffering to another thing.

Drag coefficient it's the same for a vehicle or for a scale model of the same vehicle. For other side drag force it's different.

It's easier to a torpedo shell have reduced drag coefficient, as it have reduced drag force. The drag force fights less air with a reduced frontal area to push air.

For a solar car, the drag force it's important to calculate how much the motor will need to fight the atmosphere.
And there is also CDA, that is CD x Area (frontal). Os it can be calculated by removing the A in the equation od CD:

Some designs makes me a bit confused, like how define the frontal area, if by looking at it, in some cases, we see not a very clear division. I supose it's the area in a transversal cut, like cutting a salami, right? Is the point of cut would be until the wider area before it stat to get narrow? Is the point where the "salami slice" is larger ?

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Keep in mind that the goal is to minimize drag with these cars, not just Cd. Drag is a function of Cd x A (frontal area). Flat solar cars may sacrifice a little Cd in order to greatly reduce frontal area.

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