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Sorry if I'm going too fast, but I wonder how would be possible to find a way to easily relates CDA and top area for solar panels. I konw it would require many values, including solar cell efficience.

But for now I'm imaging a way to combine the low drag force and low CDA of a vehicle with small frontal area, with the principle of the horizontal plate cutting the air easilly.

Let take this vehicle for example :

Small frontal area, remambers a torpedo, two seats (wheels could be better but let's left it to another day talk). But the top it's narrow, poor for solar cells.
Instead of re-design a large frontal area and larger top area for the vehicle, to get better solar surface area, what about we just add a plates in horizontal, around the shell. The plate would have minimal drag force if it could preciselly follows the wind flow along the lateral sides of the shell, making probably some few wave curve in horizontal. The plate would also increase solar area to make solar cells available area more revelant.

The idea is to create a electric vehicle assisted by solar cells, able to cary two passangers, consuming less energy and having a better relation between energy consumed and energy produced (by solar cells) than Solarworld No.1

But keeping 2 wheels, manuever like this one bellowwould be a problem, malking the solar plates hit the ground.

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