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Aptera problem was the tick wheel tires, and the tall extructure in the back to fit the rear wheel. All large extructures that even with stream lined covers added much drag, and probably created turbulence to the center air flow bellow the shell.

The Solarworld No.1 (yellow car) probably opted one wheel in front and two behing to reduce such problems, but make the car more prone to accidents, including one that happed in a competition, breaking a piece of the shell in lateral portion near the front wheel.

Maybe 4 small narrow wheels, leaving the center free to the air flow, woulf be better.

Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
That is a beautiful design.

I'll share a little advise that someone told me back in 1982-ish, do two wheels in front and one in back (handling reasons).

This 2008 thread has some nice images as well.

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