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Originally Posted by kach22i
That is a beautiful design.
I drew a design when I was in high school (may still have it) that was opposite. Enclosed wheels (and a split grille) in front and open wheels (and transaxle) in back.

Permalink #3:
R.B. Fuller's Omnidirectional Transport (the precursor to the Dymaxion Transport) had an air keel:

Also ME-262. I knew I had this squirreled away, but I see now it is by Ross Lovegrove (a very interesting person):

Here's his design for a car on a stick that doubles as a street-light, plus offstreet parking.
The concept involves bubble-shaped cars that are powered by solar canopies on the roof. At night, the cars are stored atop telescopic poles, where they act as street lights and keep the ground level free of parked vehicles.
My own contribution: A stern-wheeler hovercraft with a blown nose:

Aptera suffered from interference drag between the nose and front wheels.
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