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This is the appropriate venue for this discussion.

When you look into these issues you find that [big-F]eminism has had three waves, the suffragette that got the vote, the bra-banners that got equality, and the Frankfurt School Marxist post-modernists. The latter simply don't know to quit when they're ahead, and the results, like Gamergate, constitute a Men's Rights movement. To get an idea of what that's about look on Youtube for
Jordan Peterson (esp. the Cathy Newman interview)
Stephan Molyneux
Black Pigeon Speaks
People today are selfish and individualist, most drive alone today instead of share a vehicle like decades ago.
The tension between collectivism and sovereignty is necessary, you need both tendencies.
old sailor talk on Reddit:
"If your in the water, your in the food chain.
....and you're no longer at the top."

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