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Good point All Darc about consumer motivations. (most) Men act macho because it's attractive to (most) women. You can't ignore core human nature when looking for solutions to problems; you have to work within it.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The only quarrel I would have with that 2D grid is in putting libertarian at the top.

Look into Jordan Peterson on the Jungian concepts of animus and anima.
Authoritarian makes sense at the top axis since it's "doing something" that makes for an authoritarian environment, whereas libertarian is the outcome of doing nothing except for "live and let live".

I'm in the process of absorbing whatever ideas I can from Jordan. It's going to take some time because he will casually mention a fundamental philosophical concept that I'm not familiar with, and that will launch a whole new trajectory of study just to approach the idea he is discussing.

Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
To tie it into the thread, global warming has become such a political issue that there's no room at all for nuance, which frankly is sad and precludes any real discussion on what to do, since we are still stuck on doing something vs. doing nothing. Once our politicians grab ahold of an issue, you can more or less kiss goodbye any notion of a sensible outcome.
Hyping your point here. For some reason our political discourse has an all or nothing approach rather than even acknowledging that the other point of view has any merit at all, or any concessions that address the other point of view.
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