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yes, it must be a 95 because the headlights don't match up with the 96.

Wiki 95
Wiki '96
'95 NON-sho stats:
Production 	1992–1995
Assembly 	Hapeville, Georgia
                Chicago, Illinois

Body style(s) 	4-door sedan
                5-door station wagon

Layout 	          FF layout
Platform 	  Ford D186 platform

Engine(s) 	 3.0 L SFI Vulcan V6
                 3.8 L Essex V6
                 3.0 L SHO V6
                 3.2 L SHO V6

Transmission(s) 4-speed AXOD-E automatic
                4-speed AX4N automatic
                4-speed AX4S automatic
                5-speed MTX-IV manual

Wheelbase       106.0 in (2692.4 mm)
Length 	Sedan:  192.0 in (4876.8 mm)
Station wagon:  193.1 in (4904.7 mm)

Width 	        71.2 in (1808.5 mm)
Height 	Sedan:  54.1 in (1374.1 mm)–55.4 in (1407.2 mm)
Station wagon:  55.5 in (1409.7 mm)

Curb weight 	3118 lb (1414 kg)–3472 lb (1575 kg)
Related 	Mercury Sable
                Lincoln Continental
                Ford Windstar
yes, mine is a sedan. i think it's the auto OD transmission (IF od stands for overdrive - but they all have 4th gear so scratch that)

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