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About 2700lb? Do you expect to gain, lose or maintain the weight?

Have you followed the locals on open-source controllers?

What's you budget/plan for the battery box?

Win or lose, it will be fun to watch. I have a donor vehicle with a 1750lb target weight and also a Lexus LX400h drivetrain. If I could complete a conversion from that point for US$1250 (with a heat pump) I'd be stoked.

Whelp, nevermind.

I watched the i3 first spin. I have trouble with the terminology but the first commenter Max Torque describes something that sounds like the buried magnets Toyota HSG uses to counter back-EMF at high RPMs.

So as not to go off-topic I looked at but I don't see an i3 build thread. Could you show putting one in a Beetle for me?
5/6 manual/auto?
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