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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
Did you ever hear about that little prefecture south of tokyo that made an EV mandate last summer? Do you think that had anything to do with the Mitsubishi thing or was it separate stuffs?
I had never heard anything in relation to that. Not sure which prefecture it is that you are talking about, but if it it is close to Tokyo then there might be a link... being that Mitsubishi Motors is located in Tokyo.

The Japanese are excellent at being consumers. The whole shaken system adds to this. They really love having the latest and greatest. It is less a race with the Joneses than America, but this mentality does definitely exist. The whole eco boom is hitting us here as well. sho ene also is quite popular these days. Japanese are early adopters, and if something catches on, it REALLY catches on... though fads fade fast. Virtually overnight.

Anyways, there was a point to this post. There was a series of commercials about the new Mitsubishi electric car. Their biggest claim in the commercial, if I remember correctly, was that it was an emissions-free vehicle. This to me is very dishonest, as the electricity has to come from somewhere. Japan does have nuclear, but the recent problem we had with spillage shows that no energy is perfect.

I keep going off on tangents, so I will end my post here. Mitsubishi is a company to watch if you are interested in an electric vehicle.
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