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Another alternative I'm leaning toward for smooth wheel covers:

- 4 16" White coroplast (white to repell heat) discs attached with zip ties around each of the 5 spokes each of my wheels.
- Discs will have 0.5"-0.75" openings in between each spoke for air
ventilation so brakes don't overheat. Opening around air valve will be 1"-1.5" for ease of access.
- Holes to access each lug nut for easy wheel removal, covered with tape for aero yet will be easily removable.
- Caulk to fill in the holes within the coroplast and around edges of wheel to provide smooth transition from the tire to the wheel and possibly more stability (Not sure if caulk is a good idea, and if it is, if basic cheap caulk will work).

Any thoughts? Does this sound feasible? Total cost for all 4 wheels will be about $16.09 since I already have some caulk lying around I can use, so ROI will be only a few thousand miles. Will the small openings for brake ventilation prevent any increase in MPG?
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