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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Fiberglass sounds like a lot of work.......
On one of my projects because of the complex curves of a layered foam making a tail-cone spinner for my hovercraft fan hub I left the fine weave thin fiberglass cloth off.

I used some micro balloon filler mixed with epoxy where I had to, but most of it was just West Systems epoxy with graphite additive to make it black and glossy (also thickens it).

Sort of a rough and lazy way to do things, but saved a lot of time.

If you want a professional finish and strength I suspect the glass cloth is a requirement.

On my pick-up truck I got the epoxy mix perfect somehow, it was so hard that I never had to change the sand paper on the orbital sander, it just never gummed up. I'm pretty sure that was the epoxy and graphite again (over foam), no fillers. It was a black truck, just figured I'd save some on black primer coats.

My point is, more than one way to do it, but shortcuts will look like shortcuts.
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