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Originally Posted by broski499 View Post
Fantastic job. Amazing how stock it all looks....
Thanks for your comments.
The additional battery pack is 40Ah and the system uses around 26 - 28Ah then switches the Plug-in Supply kit off. Perfect for the LiFePO4 cells.
I use a JLD404 meter to monitor each day's usage (Ahs) and then reset it each morning ready for the new day. This lets me know how long I have to leave it on charge.
The charger pushes in just over 6 Amps and so the pack takes around 5 hrs to bring it back up to 100% (after using around 26Ah). Of course, this will vary each day. Charging every night on off-peak power. This charging arrangement only tops up the additional battery pack. I don't know of anyone trying to externally charge the original Prius battery pack. Probably not worth the trouble.
All the best

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