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Originally Posted by Andy_T View Post
I would also say go electric!

I certainly find the Taiwanese Gogoro scooter (which is unfortunately not yet available for normal purchase outside of Taiwan and some other select places) very interesting.

I was riding a KTM Duke 200 (27 hp) for 3 years when I was living in Malaysia, simply because it was the smallest/most affordable "big bike" and I liked it a lot. (Everybody else was riding the more affordable ~125 cc Honda Innova type step-through bikes or scooters as more practical solution)

However, I only used it for commuting, and did not often feel the urge to just go out on the road for a fun trip on it (which I now feel more often on my CB 600 as I am back in Europe).
To get an equal of a 125cc in electric, you'd have to get a 5kW bike, which is close to $16k. It makes no sense at all!
You can get a 50cc replacement scooter by getting a 1600W electric scooter, but you'd not be able to go any faster than 40MPH, and range is still very small on those things.
If they're having Li batteries, that last long, they will probably have a higher price tag as well.

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