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Johnny -

Great post. The numbers are inexorable!!! (I got to use the word inexorable!)

As you implied, the numbers are even better in comparison to getting a new high-MPG car, because you are comparing your costs to a car payment. That's what I always do. Assuming a low payment of $250/month (60 month $13K loan @ 5.75%), I can spend up to $3000 on old-car unscheduled repairs and still come out even. I usually say the "win-win" point is about 50% of that, so $1500 a year is fine with me. My big outlay this year was a new radiator at maybe 135K @ $350, so I am well below that (knock on virtual wood). I think the next thing will be fixing the leaky AC hoses.


instarx -

Originally Posted by instarx View Post

Oh, *I* could do it (I keep my 14 year old 6.5L diesel on the road), but I don't think *most* people could do what JM did. For someone who has the time and skills this is a great thing to do, but for those that don't it doesn't necessarily make them "stupid rich guys". Maybe they wanted the airbags and anti-lock brakes for their family's safety, which is reasonable
Ahhs ain't got the skillzzzz, so I couldn't do it, but I agree that it's the "right thing to do". The second best thing for people like me is to have an honest mechanic.

When I switched to my long commute a few years ago, getting a used Honda Insight would have been the most logical thing for me to do. But, I like the idea that I am trying to solve my problem with a standard-issue car. That way I am in the trenches with the majority of people, and my solutions will translate to their situation (if they ever ask me, ).


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