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I commuted on a 1970 cb100 for many years until 5 years ago. It was an awesome bike and got about 90mpg and maxed out at 67mph

Now I have a Suzuki sv650 that I commute with, splitting lanes both ways everyday down the 101 and 405 freeways, I feel comfortable at about 30-35mph when traffic is not moving. I have a narrow box no wider than me, no bar end mirrors keeps me narrow, about 18" wide. I always go faster than traffic for safety, 90+mph when traffic is moving fast.

Going easy I get 55mpg.
I never get under 45mpg no matter how hard I ride.

6 gears, liquid cooled v twin with about 90hp that gets 55mpg easily (could do much better if driven for hypermiling I bet) got mine for $1300 used, dead reliable (now at 70k miles with just regular maintenance), weighs under 400lbs.

I also have a 50cc Aprilia scooter that is liquid cooled, fuel injected, oil injected, air injected, 100mpg, 63mph

Add in the grom with potential for knobby tires and I feel like the market demand would be lacking

Don't get me wrong, I agree the XL175 is basically my ideal bike.

But for a few less mpg, my SV is faster than a lambo
I think there is probably just enough market to support I slightly cheaper alternative to the grom, I don't even know, there may be?

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