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Originally Posted by nathan298 View Post
Currently at 37,000 miles on my Honda Grom (95% of which are at WOT, AT OR above redline.) I ride it absolutely everywhere. 20 states, 2 countries, and still counting. It's my daily driver when it's not below 20 Fahrenheit and it isn't pouring rain. I absolutely love this little bike, it's dead reliable (air cooled shouldn't worry you) and fun in all environment other than the interstate...haha. MPG never drops below 90, and you should be able to get close to 125-150 with some hypermiling. Maintenance is cheap too. Top-tier Michelin tires are $50 each, and oil changes are 1 quart of oil and no filter.
Hypermiling on a small bike does very little, since it has no weight to keep it rolling.
Believe me, I've tried, I used to have a roketa m05 127, a 4 SPD manual motorcycle, which I geared from the 44 tooth rear sprocket to a 34 tooth the smallest I could equip it with, and the max I could get out of those air cooled bikes is 100-125MPG.
It got 96MPG on the highway doing 55-60mph, depending on the wind.
And 120 mpg doing 40mph at 3k rpm.
Any heavier gearing, and the bike would accelerate slower than a 50cc from a stop.

But anyway, I think they should put a temp sensor and a fan on that air cooled cylinder, and increase the compression ratio. It would make more sense than a watercooling system.
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