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Originally Posted by saturndude View Post

Now I have a Suzuki sv650 that I commute with, splitting lanes both ways everyday down the 101 and 405 freeways, I feel comfortable at about 30-35mph when traffic is not moving. I have a narrow box no wider than me, no bar end mirrors keeps me narrow, about 18" wide. I always go faster than traffic for safety, 90+mph when traffic is moving fast.

Going easy I get 55mpg.
I never get under 45mpg no matter how hard I ride.
+1 on the SV!

The newer (2007 and up) engines are dual plug, and do even better on gas.

2nd Gens (2003- 2007) are F.I. which helps as well, but generally most SV650 get over 50 no matter where you ride if you are just cruising.

I've seen over 60 on occasion with my 2006, but normally get about 55 everywhere.
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