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Links for evaluating your vehicle & more

In many (most) cases, knowing specific information about the vehicle you
wish to convert or mod is necessary. here are some helpful links to useful
information about your car's weight, wheel base (wb), wheel distance (wd),
gross weight(gw), standard engines, bodies, and more.
You can't very well follow the DYI for conversion if you can't find your GW
to calculate for batteries, can you?

WKtEC:THE #1 must see link. (thanks to SVOboy)

EPA Feul Ratings: EPA's .GOV website for feul economy of your vehicle
WIKI Knowledge: WIKI index of all cars (only place i could find my gross weight range)
ARTICLE: Squido article on finding, maintaining, and links for electric car resources.
Grass Roots: 'Grass Roots' page on electric parts and how to
EV-1 PBS Page: about the "WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?" documentary along with a 22 min clip about the EV-1 and the producer of the documentary film (educational and inspiring)

Battery Comparison Charts:
Battary Comparison chart#0
Battery comparison chart #1
Battary Comparison Chart #2
Battary Comparision Chart #3
battary information database
Deep Cycle Battery FAQ

updated Jan 18 2008

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